In the Pre-COVID Era (PCE), CBT Canada workshops were held in what were known as "locations"; i.e., physical places like cities, resorts, and on cruise ships. Sadly, those days are now but a distant memory. Until the pandemic is rendered a non-issue, workshops will be held exclusively c/o Zoom. 

100% of CBT Canada's Zoom workshops are three-credits-per-hour certified by the College of Family Physicians of Canada. That means you earn 36 Mainpro+ credits from our 12 hour workshops, which represents 72% of your annual CME requirement. 

Many physician leaders have been trained by CBT Canada over the past twenty years. Alumni include CFPC presidents (both national & provincial), department chairs, residency training program directorsand even a few doctors who are comfortable using drills & saws. For a compilation of testimonials, click here